Character Development for The Gloom

Developing my character throughout the rehearsal process canada goose outlet in usa was not the usual process buy canada goose jacket as canada goose outlet shop to which I am used to. I found this more difficult than usual because it wasn’t simply human characteristics that I am used to working with in a performance, it was a birds. Once all of the canada goose outlet uk sale actors in the Theatre Company were off script, we canada goose outlet were able to play around with our bird twitches and calls more, however we still found ourselves not feeling comfortable with how our bird traits were being portrayed in rehearsals. For example, we felt that they didn’t fit in with the performance when canada goose outlet online uk other characters were speaking and we were overall a little unsure as to what to do. Instead of just having a rehearsal buy canada goose jacket cheap where we did a couple of runs of the play, this led to the canada goose uk outlet director making the decision to focus one rehearsal on the actors playing with our bird calls and twitches to make our characters more eccentric. canada goose outlet This was successful as after this rehearsal we as Canada Goose Outlet individuals had more confidence with our characters which made the rest of the rehearsal process more useful as canada goose outlet toronto factory we didn’t just focus on the bird traits.

After studying my character by thoroughly canada goose outlet uk reading the play and doing background research I was canada goose outlet jackets able to make decisions on how I personally saw my character being played in our performance. As The Gloom is constantly complaining about all the things which are physically canada goose outlet store wrong with her, yet I question is it really her body that is ill, or her cheap canada goose uk mind? Another characteristic of The Gloom that I canada goose outlet parka picked up on when researching her was her dialogue. canada goose outlet canada Nearly every line she speaks in The Cagebirds is an canada goose outlet excuse for something. canada goose clearance sale It is as though she does have serious things to worry about, however she finds it easier to block these important things out of her mind by just talking about her health and how worse for wear she always is. For example, when The Wild One separates The Gloom from the rest of the birds pleading her to break out of the bird cage, The Gloom goes into panic, and straight away blames the fact that she cannot exit the cage due to her ‘cramp’. Another characteristic in which I emphasised a lot in the final performance was how The Gloom is absorbed by her pills. She had so many pills surrounding her area for all her different aches and pains, these were almost like her comfort blanket, without her pills she would be lost. The few occasions where The Gloom leaves her area and travels around the stage, it isn’t long until she is back in her designated spot re assuring herself Canada Goose Online with her pills, counting and checking them to make sure that they are all there.

Overall, I portrayed my character The Gloom as a hypochondriac, not able to go a few seconds without taking her pills, blowing her nose or counting her pills. I personally felt that these characteristics fitted well with the gagging bird call, the stiff and Canada Goose sale rigid travelling around the stage and the twitching of the upper body and head.